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  • 13/10/2017
    3 Myths About Plumbing to Debunk Today!

    At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, our team of plumbers travel all over the island of Montreal to install, maintain and repair plumbing fixtures of all types (check valves, baths, toilets , washbasins, etc.). In this blog post, we want to set the record straight on 3 myths that circulate about our area of expertise.

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  • 10/07/2017
    4 Frequently Asked Questions for Plumbers

    Clogged toilets, frozen pipes, leaky faucets ... At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, our plumbers working on the Island of Montréal are regularly asked questions when they visit residential, industrial or commercial customers. In this blog, we respond to 4 of them. Happy reading!

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  • 31/03/2017
    Tips and strategies to reduce your gas, electricity and water bill

    Are you looking to decrease your spending so that more money remains in your pockets? Good news! As of today, you can significantly reduce your gas bill, electricity and water consumption, without affecting your comfort. At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, specialists in plumbing and heating in and around Montreal, we are pleased to reveal practical tips that will save you money!

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  • 22/01/2014
    Extreme temperatures and cold: take care of your pipes!

    In winter, the cold can often put your piping to strain. Indeed, pipes poorly insulated and subjected to intense temperatures can cause situations at least disastrous. Depending on the climatic conditions and the degree of insulation of the building, an ice plug may form in the piping, even if the temperature inside does not drop below the freezing point. So a power outage that extends or a start for a short stay outside can play nasty tricks on your plumbing items. It is important to follow certain simple rules to prevent such situations from happening at home.

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  • 18/01/2014
    Be warm this winter with a radiant floor heating system

    The radiant floor is a heating system that is rather unrecognized. Radiant heating is based on the emission of infrared waves (invisible) by a large massive surface. However, it can save a lot of money, because it is possible to heat a multitude of surfaces, including floors, walls and even ceilings, with much more efficiency than traditional heating. The secret is in the convection of air and electricity, or in some cases of liquids, also known as hydronic heating by radiation, or a network of pipes in which a fluid (normally water) circulates. Several private and corporate houses are opting for the radiant floor these days because the benefits are many: lower heating costs, system efficiency which translates into easier maintenance, reduced allergies, to name a few, each.

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  • 18/11/2013
    What to consider to proceed with the conversion of your heating?

    Your electric heating system dates back to another era, does not heat up enough and costs a fortune each month? There is definitely time to think about converting your heating! But do not change who wants his way to keep warm in the winter screaming chisel! Any conversion may be possible, however, costs may vary and some conversions are much easier than others.

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  • 18/10/2013
    Water rescue! Plumbing repair is our business!

    Unfortunately, it does not happen to others. Yet, everything seemed to be working smoothly, and there was nothing to suggest that an aquatic catastrophe was waiting for your home. And all of a sudden, you're witnessing the formation of a geyser, where normally there is a simple sink! The geysers are beautiful when you admire them in a national park, it is not so much less when it is in your home that it happens!

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  • 13/10/2013
    The radiant floor or the cold season in comfort!

    With the autumn that begins quietly to settle with us, it is astute to plan more the elements specially adapted for the winter that will bring you a better comfort, once the cold winter current currency. And it is precisely at this time, when the temperature is still mild, that it is ideal to guard against the rigors of the white season. In terms of winter comfort, the radiant floor is gaining popularity year after year, which is increasingly affordable, or at least much more so than in the past.

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  • 25/09/2013
    Gas or electric water heaters?

    There is very little invention of the man who provides a certain comfort as marked in everyday life as the water heater. Imagine a few moments that would be life without a water heater ... Your daily shower would probably last less and would be less frequent! And what of a gesture as banal as washing dishes? Decidedly, the water heater makes us proud services, however insignificant. However, when it comes time to replace it, a decision is required: will you opt for a model gas or electric water heater?

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  • 14/08/2013
    Floor Heating: Price and considerations before installation

    One thing is certain: one of the most efficient and even the most pleasant heating systems is undoubtedly the floor heating. It is also very safe and warms up quickly. So how do we go about it if we want to benefit?

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  • 11/07/2013
    Heating Systems & Preventative Maintenance in Montreal

    Although the temperature is rather hot right now, the last thing you want is a heating system problem on the arms when winter sets in. For this reason, it is recommended that your heating system be set up now, during the off-season.

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  • 12/06/2013
    Home Comfort: radiant heating surprises

    Radiant heating is a heating system that is rather unrecognized. However, it can save a lot of money, because it is possible to heat a multitude of surfaces, including floors, walls and even ceilings, with much more efficiency than traditional heating. The secret is in the convection of air and electricity, or in some cases of liquids, also known as hydronic heating by radiation.

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  • 02/04/2013
    A new type of floor heating in Montreal

    Stone and wood are certainly floor materials that are attractive, but they can get very cold, especially in winter. Without an additional layer on these floors, such as a carpet or carpet, even if you wear socks or slippers, you will shiver as you walk through your home.

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  • 23/10/2012
    How to thoroughly clean your heating system

    The maintenance and cleaning of your heating or plumbing equipment is a task that should be repeated every year. A spring cleaning is essential every year, why not take advantage of it to give a boost to your systems? Just like your car or even your home, they also require maintenance in safety and comfort standards for your family.

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  • 09/10/2012
    How to choose your plumber?

    Whether for installation, repairs or plumbing emergency work, it is important to rely on specialists to ensure safe work. First of all, make sure that the person is certified to perform the plumbing work properly. The contractor who will take over your work must be a member and have a license from the Corporation of Master Pipe Makers in Quebec (CMMTQ). Consult the member directory on and make sure that you have the competence of the contractor you hire.

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