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Tips and strategies to reduce your gas, electricity and water bill

Are you looking to decrease your spending so that more money remains in your pockets? Good news! As of today, you can significantly reduce your gas bill, electricity and water consumption, without affecting your comfort.

At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, specialists in plumbing and heating in and around Montreal, we are pleased to reveal practical tips that will save you money! The best habits to reduce your electricity bill are not complicated: to lower your natural gas and electricity bills, you need to reduce your energy consumption.

  • In winter, open your curtains and blinds to bring in the sun and, as soon as it is dark, close them. This strategy can save you up to 3% on your natural gas and electricity bill.

  • Lower your thermostats by 3 ° C during the night and when you are away. If you lower your thermostats by a single degree Celsius during the day, be aware that your electricity bill could melt by 5 to 7%.

  • Release heat outlets to allow hot air to circulate freely.

  • Caulk the doors and windows that let the air seep in.

  • Turn off the lights as soon as you leave a room.

  • In unoccupied rooms, lower the heating to 15 ° C.

  • Use your appliances sparingly: wash the loads with cold water, run the dishwasher only when it is full and clean the dryer filter after each use.

  • If you need to replace a household appliance, opt for an Energy Star approved appliance.

In addition, we recommend the annual maintenance of your heating system by a specialist in order to obtain an optimal and safe performance. No doubt, regular maintenance of your equipment ensures you substantial savings in energy and money! Do not forget that your consumption of hot water is inevitably reflected on your Hydro-Québec bill - hot water accounts for 20% of your annual bill. So, if you want to pay less, follow these tips:

  • Install low-flow plumbing products in the bathroom. For example, WaterSense certified shower heads and faucets are among the products that help reduce your water consumption without sacrificing your comfort. For more information, visit the Hydro-Québec site;

  • Prefer the shower instead of the bath. Just take a 5-minute shower to reduce your energy costs every time;

  • Do not allow water to run unnecessarily when brushing or shaving;

  • Immediately repair leaky faucets and toilets.

Moreover, remember that every time you save water, you assist in the preservation of the environment! At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, we can help you reduce your natural gas bill, electricity and your water consumption. For all your heating and plumbing needs, do like our many satisfied residential and commercial customers: call us!


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