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Gas or electric water heaters?

There is very little invention of the man who provides a certain comfort as marked in everyday life as the water heater.

Imagine a few moments that would be life without a water heater ... Your daily shower would probably last less and would be less frequent! And what of a gesture as banal as washing dishes? Decidedly, the water heater makes us proud services, however insignificant. However, when it comes time to replace it, a decision is required: will you opt for a model gas or electric water heater? First, it goes without saying that both options offer benefits, depending on your situation. As a bonus on board, it is necessary to have access to natural gas to provide a gas water heater, which is not the case for all sectors. Also, the location of the gas piping can influence installation costs, while an electric water heater is simpler to install. On the performance side, the gas option retains the advantage, as it allows a much faster temperature recovery than the electric option. To compensate for this disadvantage, however, it is possible to choose an electric heater of larger size, thus providing a larger reserve of hot water. Another significant advantage is that most models of gas water heaters will work even when a power failure occurs. As the cost of using electricity is low in Quebec, this resource remains the least expensive. However, you will need to consider the number of liters of hot water required for your family, as if you tend to empty all the available hot water, the bill may surprise you, as the gas will heat your water more according to your needs. a much more constant cost. Before making a decision, contact our specialists who will be able to inform you about the different models available, so you can make an informed decision!


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