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Floor Heating: Price and considerations before installation

One thing is certain: one of the most efficient and even the most pleasant heating systems is undoubtedly the floor heating.

It is also very safe and warms up quickly. So how do we go about it if we want to benefit? The first thing to know is that there are mainly two types of floor heating on the market: radiant heating and electric heating. Radiant heating, also known as hydronic heating (water-based), is among the most efficient, but also the most expensive. It can also be powered by a variety of different energy types like solar or even natural gas. However, it is the electric heated floor that is the great champion thanks to its value for money. Another great advantage is that it is not only much easier to install, but also easier to maintain. You will need the help of a qualified electrician to ensure that the system operates at optimum performance while being completely safe. The following question frequently arises when a homeowner plans to install a heated floor: do I have to install heated floor throughout the house? Not necessarily. Some rooms will not benefit from a heated floor, but if you want to make more than one room, it is to your advantage to do so while the construction of the house is still underway. On the other hand, if you want to do renovations, consider the price of a floor heating in terms of materials, but especially labor. It is this last factor that really increases the bill. Today's heated floors are of very high quality and there are many different types to facilitate the installation of carpet, wood or tile. There is certainly a floor heating solution that suits your needs and your budget. Just contact our experts who will be pleased to guide you in such a project.


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