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A new type of floor heating in Montreal

Stone and wood are certainly floor materials that are attractive, but they can get very cold, especially in winter.

Without an additional layer on these floors, such as a carpet or carpet, even if you wear socks or slippers, you will shiver as you walk through your home. Fortunately there is a new type of heated floor in Montreal on the market that can help provide comfortable warmth for almost any type of home. Some Montreal floor heating system companies have begun to create unique carpets that provide a source of underfloor heating and can keep floors warm, even on the coldest days. With electric heating mats, you can make comfortable all the corners of your home. These underfloor heating mats can be installed under all types of coverings, including stone, marble, granite and slate, natural wood or laminate flooring, and even carpet. In addition to having the advantage of having warm floors throughout your home, you will save money on your heating bill. Heated floors are energy efficient, and depending on the effectiveness of your home's insulation, they can actually be used as a source of heat, which reduces your dependence on other domestic heating sources such as baseboards heating. A small investment like this could save you big in the long run.


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