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3 Myths About Plumbing to Debunk Today!

At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, our team of plumbers travel all over the island of Montreal to install, maintain and repair plumbing fixtures of all types (check valves, baths, toilets , washbasins, etc.).

In this blog post, we want to set the record straight on 3 myths that circulate about our area of expertise. Myth #1: Homeowners are above the law "If I do the plumbing myself at home, it will relieve me of the obligation to comply with the regulations that may apply to my situation. In other words, as an owner, I do as I see fit! " It's wrong! In addition, if you make mistakes related to your lack of experience, your disregard of the law will not be a valid argument in the case of a lawsuit or insurance claim, for example. Myth #2: "Sunday plumbers" can do work on their own without causing trouble "If I can do a good job of the plumbing, I can work with my colleagues, my friends or my family legally." It's wrong! In Quebec, the Building Act authorizes you to do plumbing work only in your own home. That said, if you do it anyway, illegally, you will be liable to a fine or held liable in the event of a problem ... We will have warned you! Myth #3: Watching Youtube videos are enough to repair plumbing "There is no need to do business with a plumber to repair frozen pipes; dozens of videos on Youtube explain how to do it and it's cheaper!" Again, it is important to remember that an experienced plumber - licensed - performs superior work in accordance with applicable laws. In addition, it should be noted that only the tasks performed by a professional plumber are recognized by the insurance companies. In fact, hiring a pro could save you from bad surprises! For best results, trust your "best" pipes! At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, we are at your service for all your plumbing needs - at any time of the day or night! We serve the Greater Montreal area including the West Island. Our technicians are certified bilingual,and will be pleased to advise you in your residential, commercial and industrial plumbing projects. Contact us.


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