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How to thoroughly clean your heating system

Bien nettoyer votre système de chauffage

The maintenance and cleaning of your heating or plumbing equipment is a task that should be repeated every year.

A spring cleaning is essential every year, why not take advantage of it to give a boost to your systems? Just like your car or even your home, they also require maintenance in safety and comfort standards for your family. Not only does it take very little time when the work is done by a team of professionals who knows about it, but your devices will perform much better and you will ensure a longer life. Whether your system is powered by electricity, hot water or natural gas, it is important to ensure that all of your appliances are tuned and tested annually for your safety, well-being and quality. optimal air. The Plomberie Chauffage Normand team has the expertise and the quality concern you need to maximize the life of your domestic, commercial or industrial appliances. By referring to specialists in heating and plumbing, you will have peace of mind and be assured of the safety of the ducts, the furnace, the chimney, the heating and distribution system of the air. With trust, our experts will clean the ducts and pipes in addition to checking the fans, cleanliness and performance of your combustion and distribution system. In the case of a combustion heating system, our specialists will carry out an audit, analysis and adjustment, if necessary, of the gas measurement and ensure an adequate supply for one operation. Appliances that have been well maintained and cleaned can last for years longer than poorly or insufficiently inspected systems, saving you money on repairing or replacing appliances after breaking. We therefore offer a verification and cleaning of your systems as a preventive measure. Ducts, filters, furnaces, fans and air distributors, and hoses must be routinely cleaned to ensure safe, clean and comfortable air conveyance or water supply. Unchecked heating systems can be corroded by moisture and even fungi, which can harm your health and those of your environment in the long term. It is therefore essential to choose your plumber or your heating specialist who knows his trade to ensure proper expertise and verification of your building. Call us now!


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