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Electrical wiring and air ventilation duct system installation in building


If you live in Montreal and heat your home with an oil furnace, you may be aware of the bans placed on the installation and replacement of these appliances that will take full effect by 2030. Therefore, it is already time to think about your next heating system.

Conversion to an electric heating system
At Plomberie Chauffage Normand, we offer two solutions for converting from oil to electric heating systems:

  • Remove your oil furnace and its tank, clean the ventilation ducts, and install a new electric furnace, which will use the same conduits to circulate air throughout your home.

  • Install electric baseboard heaters in every room of your home, so you can heat each space as you wish.

To decide which option is right for you, simply contact us. We'll be happy to tell you about the various choices we offer for replacing your oil-fired heating system with an electric one. We can also direct you to the many subsidies available from the provincial government for this kind of conversion.

Professional worker installing electric underfloor heating system indoors

Make Montreal and Your Bank Account Greener.

With an electric heating system, you pollute less and save more on heating and home insurance.

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