The use of geothermal energy in Montreal

Energy from geothermal energy available in Montreal is obtained from hot zones beneath the surface of the earth that remain at a relatively constant temperature throughout the year, day and night. Let's look at the different types of geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy can be used directly or indirectly as a source of alternative energy, both for heating our homes and for cooling them. This naturally occurring energy is extracted by a series of water-filled tubes buried beneath the surface of the earth. This hot water is then used indoors for heating or to produce electricity, actually called geothermal energy.

Different geothermal methods in Montreal are commonly used to extract this energy and to run heating systems, such as those mentioned below.


When hot water is available either on or very close to the earth's surface, it can be used directly for heating, bathing or washing.


When hot water is under the ground, without being too deep, easy access to the geothermal resource is possible by drilling holes and inserting pipes. The water circulating in these pipes is thus heated up and becomes a very efficient heating system.


They use very hot water or steam using vertical holes drilled deep, then use superheated water and geothermal steam to generate electricity.

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