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Financial Assistance for Heating System Conversion

Some grant programs exist to help you convert from an expensive, energy-intensive heating system to a more economical and environmentally friendly system.

Here are a few:

Chauffez Vert

Chauffez vert
This is a program that allows you to take advantage of financial assistance when you want to replace your fossil fuel heating system with equipment that uses electricity or renewable energy. Learn more about Chauffez vert.

Réno Climat Logo


To reduce your heating bill, you can get personalized advice through the Rénoclimat program. Professionals offer personalized advice to help you choose the best and most economical heating system.

logo Énergir


If you want to have a natural gas heating system installed, you can get subsidies. This reduces the cost of installing your new heating system. Learn more about Énergir.

Contact the team of heating specialists at Plomberie Chauffage Normand for more details



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CMEQ - Corporation des Maitres Électriciens du Québec
ACQ - Association de la Construction du Québec
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